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Smart Words Content provides content marketing solutions that help small businesses grow big.

Great content takes time to create. You may not have the hours or the on-hand resources to produce high-quality content, or you may just not know how to set up a content marketing plan that will generate new business. That’s where we come in.

Smart Words can help you devise a content marketing strategy and, if needed, will personally produce original, exceptional content that will positively affect your bottom line.

From social media campaigns to weekly blog posts to monthly newsletters, we are ready to help your business stand out from the crowd.    


Just how important is content marketing?

Very. 89% of B2B marketers say that content marketing is an important component of their organization's marketing program. Why? It’s a reliable and cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and increase sales. However, there are still many entrepreneurs who are not implementing consistent content marketing strategies. Only 37% surveyed have a documented content marketing strategy. The #1 reason they give for their lack of output? They don’t have enough time to create worthwhile content. (Source.)


Smart Words Content can help you check the following off your content marketing to-do list:

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73% of B2B organizations have someone in place who oversees their content marketing strategy. Are you one of them?

Are you ready to grow your business with persuasive, smart content that converts? Let's go!

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