Grow Your Business with Google AdWords!

Google AdWords is the internet’s preeminent pay-per-click advertising platform.  Here's a couple of staggering statistics about the search engine giant:

  • 77.8% of United States search ad revenue is earned by Google. 
  • Google has tracked 4 billion store visits from ad clicks. (Source here.)

If you’re looking for a fast marketing ROI, Google AdWords is the way to go.  However, navigating Google AdWords’ complicated network requires patience and precision; even small mistakes are costly.  That’s why we recommend hiring someone with experience to guide you through the process. 

We Offer Google AdWords Consulting

You may want to manage your own Google AdWords account but are unsure where to begin, or perhaps you already have an account but would like an expert’s eyes to identify potential improvements. Smart Words Content can help. 

We have several packages available, including an hourly rate for consultations.

$60/hour (includes 1:1 meetings, video conferencing, phone, and email)

Google AdWords Management


Up to: 2 Campaigns,

4  AdGroups, and 8 Ads

Optional: Bi-weekly reports, $50/month.


Up to: 4 Campaigns,

8  AdGroups, and 16 Ads.

Optional: Bi-Weekly reports, $75/month


Up to: 8 Campaigns,  

16 AdGroups, and 32 Ads.

Optional: Bi-Weekly reports, $150/month

2 month minimum; cancel at any time thereafter.

Not sure which option is best for you? Let’s set up a time to chat and figure it out together.

The nature of Google AdWords is trial and error. Save yourself time, money and frustration by hiring an expert who has already learned the hard way.