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“All I can say is Holy Cow!  Wow, Holly exceeded my expectation on article writing. She is definitely worth more than she charged me. She provided tremendous customer service. The speed and mostly the quality of Holly’s work is truly impressive! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a high-quality technical writer.”

Scott Givens, OnlineMarketMethods.com

Holly wrote the articles exactly to my specification.  She clearly researched the project and is committed to good work.  We will hire her for future work.”

Monique Danielle, Diva Design World

"Worked with Holly on several projects.  She is detail-oriented and a great writer.  She also picks up fast on ideas even when she has no experience in the industry."

John Best, CEO at Best Innovation Group

“Holly wrote for the Scribophile writing blog for a little over a year. Her post were excellently written, knowledgeable, and easy to read.  She was always on time and reliable, and worked tirelessly with minimal supervision.  She’s the model for the kind of person I want working at my organization.  Thanks Holly!”

Alex Cabal, Founder of Scribophile.com

"When I discussed our needs with Holly, I instantly knew she would be someone I could count on to do a good job. I was very happy with her ideas, strategies, work, and demeanor. She came up with creative marketing tactics and has outstanding writing skills. I felt completely confident in her abilities and was able to let her take the lead on our projects, which helped us out tremendously. She’s reliable, strategic, easy to work with and open minded. I look forward to working with Holly again in the near future. "

Tricia Cruz-Irving, Ibero-American Action League