Lydia Kociuba and Holly Jennings are the co-founders of Smart Words Content. They grew up together in a sprawling suburb outside of Rochester, NY. After graduating from the same high school, Holly went on to pursue a degree in English while Lydia pursued one in business.

After college, Holly had a brief stint as an English teacher, had lots of babies, pursued a graduate degree in English Literature, and found her true passion as a freelance writer. 

Lydia traveled the world for several years, then came home to Rochester where she pursued a graduate degree in counseling and forged a career in higher education.

Fast forward a few years: Lydia was running a successful online enterprise. Holly was still freelance writing. In 2017, the two decided to combine talents and create a content marketing business dedicated to the creation and promotion of unique, high-quality content for their clients.

Today, they invite you to become a part of this exciting venture as either a client or a collaborative partner. Whether you want to grow your business, educate your consumers, or build trust within the marketplace, Smart Words Content is ready to walk alongside you and help you achieve your content marketing goals.